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TQ LEDS specializes in high-quality LED lighting that provides energy conservation and energy production solutions for commercial properties and corporate projects. Our products include LED lighting (our main product line), Solar/PV and a complete set of Solar LED Lighting.  Our OEM partners have invested in Twenty-five (25) OEM/ODM Manufacturing Plants based in China in LED lighting for more than 20 years and provides a full 1 to 5 years complete warranty. Our OEM Partners' Manufacturing Plants are equipped with the latest products innovation and foresight into the needs of businesses, hence bringing about the best in class of LED lighting solutions and capable of creating new products as required. Most of our products have been accredited for CE, RoHS, UL, SABS, ETL and PSE Certifications. Our products are third party tested, giving added confidence in their quality and reliability. We have the capability to install lightings on large and small projects when requested. We have the resources and ability to perform from design to completion lightings, photovoltaic and wind & solar technology. 

In Malaysia, tqleds.com  is a Asia Pacific Regional distribution centre based in Malaysia to serve not only the local market but caters for global demand too . tqleds.com offers an ideal online shopping mall where our members can choose from a long list of product selection right from the comfort and convenience of their locations at anytime, anyplace and anywhere.

Our goal is to build a long term relationship as your LED Lighting Solutions Preferred Supplier by providing top quality with Grade A+ & Grade A products and service that exceeds your expectations.

Who We Serve

We serve a broad range of customers and applications for Bridges, Highways, Roads, Airports, Train Stations, Bus Stations, Advertising Display Board, Company Name Signboard, Dangerous Roads and Highways, Weather Condition Alerts, Traffic Movement Alerts, Shopping Malls, Petrol Stations, Exhibition & Convention Halls, Condominiums, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Parking Lots, Hospitals, Underground Water and Tunnels, Sport Centres, Flood Lighting, Interior Decorations, Jewellery and Fashion Design Outlets, Stage and Concert Lighting, Display Showrooms, Spotlight, Cabinets, Indoor Lighting for homes, schools, universities, offices, Commercial Complexes, Supermarkets & Departmental Stores,  Walk path indicator, Emergency, Warning and Pedestrian Crossing Light, Signboard indicator, Outdoor decorations, Street Light and Traffic Light, Yachts, Boats, etc.  No order is too large or too small!

Quality Assurance and Quality Control:  Why Products Certifications?

Today, China Manaufacturing dominate Globalization markets in all aspects of consumers goods. Often lower purchase prices make China goods an attractive option for consumers; however, little is known about the quality of these products and falsifying materials used information to mislead its product quality to customers. Most of the cheap products availabled today are without proper product certifications and certainly making assumption of the well-known LED Technology Chip used but instead using local unknown facbricated LED Chip and materials that are far more inferior quality standards.

The consumer perceptions of the quality of Chinese manufactured goods when compared to goods manufactured in USA or well-developed countries and results reveal a substantial and consistent need over almost all product lines for China manufacturers to focus additional efforts to improve their product quality. Some priorities for China manufacturers improvement by product type are identified, and a precise measure of quality dispersion between where China quality is and where it should be to meet competition for non-China manufacturers is repealed.  However, even our goods are made in China but we never compromised on quality.  The issue for today is one of overall product quality concern from the factory to the consumers and most of the dealers or traders contract the cheapest OEM partners to market their products to consumers. As such, the focus on quality ends with the cheapest price. We are not talking about business sustainability, but more to assurance of our customers are satisfied with our products they bought has the ability to perform satisfactory in service and is suitable for its intended purpose.

We are a quality OEM Manufacturer and our suppliers throughout the world are expected to proactively comply with the highest standards and regulations. How does one know the expectations of quality and varied range of safety requirements that are becoming more complex every day? In today’s competitive marketplace, how do you differentiate yourself from your competition and get to market. To gain access to markets and win over customers, you need qualified testing and certifications of your products. Our OEM Manufacturers upholds the highest standards throughout the development and engineering of advanced energy efficient LED lighting products.  All products and components from us are tested to ensure superior quality and are manufactured to meet, or exceed all safety standards.

Our products featured herein have been tested and conform to the qualifications and requirements stipulated in regulations and safety standards set by respective authorities and regulators and conform to the standards. 

Our Staff

tqleds.com seasoned management staff has over years of combined experience in the online business and electrical industry.  We make sure our customers receive their orders on time and without mistakes had been a priority of ours since day one.

Quality Products

TQLEDS.com never compromises on Quality.  Products' quality is our No. 1 "Priority"!  Our High Quality Grade A OEM Manufacturers Test Laboratory is a fully qualified testing centre, authorized to conduct tests according to the strict International rules and regulations. Photometric tests are performed to verify and at the same time certify the light output of each single fixture. This stringent testing ensures our premium lighting will provide our customers with many years of service and enjoyment.

We only stock high-end quality, latest LED Technology and latest range of LED products.  At TQLEDS we avoids degrading and inferior products and quality that have become all too common in the market today. If a product does not meet our "Superior Quality Standards" we won't offer it!

Our Project Consultants

TQLEDS.com range of service includes design to installation and we are able to work with customers and their consultants on all aspects of lighting requirements including beam pattern design, light density and elevation issues to meet your illumination level requirements.

TQLEDS.com has its own Partner Representatives across global network to advise on and supply the range of lighting product and solutions. We therefore are able to provide our full services on a national and worldwide basis.

"There is no job too small or too big!  We pride ourselves as the 1-Stop-Comprehensive LED Lighting Solutions Provider to meet your lighting needs!"

Products are in Stock

Our warehouse is well stocked and orders usually ship within one business day unless sold out.  Backorders are rare, but it happen! In the unlikely event of a backorder, we will notify you promptly.

Website Products Offering

tqleds.com is by far not complete of the offerings in our website now, but will eventually be available to our customers.  We started our site with the most sought after products and are continually adding to our offerings.  If you do not see the products you are interested in, please contact us and leave your problem to us to help you to overcome all your sourcing problems.  We have a warehouse full of products and may be able to take care of your needs before products are offered on our site. 

Personal Phone and Email Service

If you need personal assistance, you may add our support service personnel via Whatsapp or WECHAT apps for quick response.  Our phones are answered by a live person during regular business hours. The only time you will get voice mail is when our lines fill up or if you call outside of regular business hours. Kindly email tqleds@gmail.com if you need urgency help or technical assistance and we will get back to you within 24 hours during normal working days.

Warranty for TQ LEDS products

TQLEDS.com offers products warranty from a minimum one (1) year and up to five (5) years upon clients request from the customer Delivery Order date.