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TQ-Solar-60ING LED Solar Inground Lights

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Solar Inground advantages

1. It can be installed on the squares, garden
2. Charge in daytime and discharge at night
3. The life time is up to 9 years for capacitor typed and using battery typed up to 3 years
4. Energy saving and environmental protection
5. Easy to install and no maintenance is necessary
6. Water-proof completely

Solar ground lights Applications

This Solar ground is suitable for all kind of landscapes and architectures, either for large-scale public area or private space (parks, swimming pools, gardens, squares, etc)

LED Solar Inground Lights

LED Light

Low Power LED DIP/SMD : 1 pcs Epistar Light Source

Size (mm)

DIA 60 x 60

Beam angle


Solar Cell

Mono-crystalline silicon 0.225W

Power Efficiency

≥ 90%

Storage Component

Ni-MH 1.2V/550mAh battery or Super capacitor 2.3V/50F

Power Factor(PF)

≥ 0.9

Luminous Decay

<1% (1000 hrs)


Aluminum body + Stainless steel cover + Tempered glass

Color availables (Please select)

White, Blue, Yellow, Red, Green

Life span (Hours)

≥ 50000 hrs

Work Time

Up 12 hours after a standard luminous intensity day



IP Rate